Royal Victoria Hospital - Non-Clinical Building


Royal Victoria Hospital - Non-Clinical Building


The Non Clinical Support Building (NCSB) is one of a number of enabling and construction projects deisgned to rationalise the RVH Estate to provide a footprint for the proposed new Royal  Belfast Hospital for Sick Children.  The site of the proposed new Non Clinical Support Building will occupy the site of the original Estates Office Building which was demolished in the spring of 2016.

The Non Clinical Support Building will provide a new Receipt and Distribution Centre to support the New Children’s Hospital. It will also facilitate an extension of the underground service tunnels at Level 0 for the delivery of goods and waste management along with new  accommodation for Estates Services.

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The site of the new Non Clinical Support Building occupies the site of the original Estates Office Building which was demolished in the spring of 2016.

The new NCSB comprises a 3 storey building with, a rectangular level ‘0’, and the upper levels in a reversed L shaped configuration with the long axis in a generally northerly direction. There is a large service area to the south of the building for the delivery and removal of hospital linen etc., and for refuse skips. This area is accessed from the estate lower service road.


Each level contains the following:

Level 0 – This floor, accessed from the lower levels and main service yard area contains:

  • Staff facilities - Offices, lockers, toilets
  • HV Plant rooms, comms room, mechanical plantroom, LV Switch room
  • Workshops – Joinery, mechanical and electrical, welding
  • PALS storage areas, clean / dirty goods storage, service corridors, tug storage

Level 1 – This floor is primarily office accommodation, is accessed from Spine road and via a separate Level 1 entrance, comprising:

  • Control room, management offices, equipment room IT Hub
  • Toilets, meeting rooms, open plan offices

Level 2 – accessed via lift or stairs from level 1 comprises;

  • Open plan offices, meeting rooms
  • Staff facilities, toilets, staff rest area

Level 3 – A rooftop plantroom, accessed from common stair cores and service lifts, is primarily the plantroom and comprises:

  • Storage areas for hard copy documentation
  • AHU Filters store
  • M&E Plantroom,
  • Rooftop Solar Panels


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