St. Pauls National School, Navan


St. Pauls National School, Navan

The project will involve the construction of a new two storey 32 classroom school building, clearance of the site, changes to the entrance and internal circulation areas, parking and drop off arrangements for the school.

The works include the demolition and removal of the existing single storey classroom building, along with pre-fabricated buildings which line the eastern boundary. Development will include new extension school building with associated admin spaces and plant areas. New parking and circulation areas will be put in place as part of the works as well as changes to the current entrance to the school from Ratholdren Road. 

As a guide, the project includes, but is not limited to

  • Site Clearance and preparation 
  • Install of site compound and construction access for the works 
  • Construction of new School building
  • Construction of Parking, drop off and associated works 
  • Construction of New access and exit arrangements for the school
  • Demolition ofthe existing school buildings
  • Provision of a replacement plating field. 
  • Other ancillary works 


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